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"Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect."
-Romans 12:2


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I’m so tired of the argument that christians aren’t to judge… yes we are, only we are to judge with righteous judgment. Not to mention saying we shouldn’t judge is and of itself a judgment. If a person murders someone I’ll call them a murderer. If a person steals I’ll call them a thief. That isn’t judging them wrongly but by the fruit they’ve shown. We are to judge but only to judge according to scripture, not our own opinions.

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One of the deepest desires within a man’s heart is to be a protector; a woman’s? To be a treasure. Pornography turns the protector into a predator and the treasure into a target.

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The Word of God helps us to both know and to praise the living God…Making a commitment to the daily reading of Sacred Scripture is a way of rejoicing and thanking God for the wondrous gift of God’s revelation to us in these sacred texts.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl (Washington D.C.)

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Authentic faith, which is the key to Jesus’ gift of life, comes at a price. That price is the cost of discipleship measured by our response to Jesus’ call to be people of the Beatitudes … to trust in the abiding presence of God in our lives and in our world – to treasure life so much that we grieve at its loss – to work for peace – to love generously and selflessly – to transform our hurting world through compassion, solidarity, justice and love – to lead lives rooted in service to God, our neighbor, ourselves, and creation.

Bishop Joseph Bambera (Scranton)

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my prayer tonight

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Sometimes we judge a Mass by whether the homily was good, but if we foster a silent listening heart during the Mass, God can touch our hearts through the prayers, the readings, the grace of receiving Holy Communion and in other surprising ways. A silent heart can be fostered even in the middle of the congregation at Mass.

Bishop Michael Duca (Schreveport)

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You’re Worth More Than Gold.: Jesus has told us to love our neighbor.


He didn’t say “Love each other when you feel like it.” No no no no no. He says “Love your neighbor as yourself.” And even then we go on to ask “Who is our neighbor?” It’s not just the person who lives next to you. No your neighbor is anyone you possibly have come in contact…

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The most glorious promises of God generally fulfilled in such a wondrous manner that he he steps forward to save us at a time when there is the least appearance of it.

Karl Heinrich Von Bogatzky

Something I learnt,

Express your views on abortion,contraception,gay marriage…basically your full support of Catholic teachings…you will truly know who your friends are.Some will let you be and respect your views and remain friends and some will question you and will look for an excuse why you are behaving in this way.They might blame a friend of yours who hangs around you more often than usual…they will say they brainwashed you and all kinds of nonsense…as if your don’t have the intellect to make the right decisions for yourself.


“The Church is like Noah’s ark that was full of both clean and unclean animals. It must have had an unholy smell, and yet it was carrying eight persons to salvation. The world today is tearing up the photographs of a good society, a good family, a happy, individual personal life. But the Church is keeping the negatives. And when the moment comes when the world wants a reprint, we will have them.”

— Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen †

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